Friday, December 3, 1999

Council for a Parliament of the World's Religions

Today from Cape Town, South Africa -

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Presenters for the Day and their Programmes:

Saleha Mahmood Abedin; Saiyid Hamid

Muslims and the Challenges of Religious Pluralism

Shaykh As-Sayyid Muhammad Nazim Adil Al-Qubrisi Al-Haqqani

Tasawwuf (Spirituality): The Heart of Islam

Paulette Agnew

Sharing the Flame

Swami Agnivesh; Sulak Sivaraksa; L.M. Singhvi; Lawrence Arturo; Jed Shilling; Wendy Tyndale MS; Njongonkulu W.H. Ndungane ; Fatima Meer

Spirituality and the World Bank: A Positive Engagement?

Herman Agoyo; George Kanentiio

Repatriation: Native American Graves Protection & Repatriation Act (NAGPRA)

Nahid Angha

Sufi Women and Human Rights

S. Wesley Ariarajah; Shyamala Ariarajah; Jean-Francois Delteil

An Interreligious and Ethical Response to the Current Economic Crisis

Aijaz Aslam

Islam and Peace

Shambushivanada Avadhuta

PROUT– A Socio-Economic Theory for a New Millennium

Gerald O. Barney

A Peaceful, Just, and Sustainable Future: The Challenge of the 21st Century for Religion

Michael Battle

A Christian Spirituality: A Gandhi Critique

Sheila Marie Benjamin

Universal Peace – The Covenant of the World

Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati; Mary Manin Morrissey; Bibiji Inderjit Kaur ; Gurumaa J. Saraswati; Joan Chatfield; Fatima Khan; Nokuzola Mndende

Women and Spirituality: The Role of Women as Spiritual Leaders and Practitioners in the 21st Century

Swami Veda Bharati

Connections & Confluences Among The Meditation Paths

Andrew Bolton; Bunda C. Chibwe; Mary Atieno Ooko; W. Grant McMurray

The Story of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints: From Sectarian Violence to the Pursuit of Peace

Patricia M Bombard, BVM; Thomas Torinus; Dabula Mpako; Mary Melady OSB; Kathleen Bridge, SND

Focusing: A Tool for the Inner Journey

Marie Brady

Feminism – A New Worldview for Women and Men for the New Millennium

Marcus C. R. Braybrooke

Remembrance, Forgiveness, and Reconciliation

Marcus C. R. Braybrooke; Albert Nambiaparambil; Elizabeth Espersen; Brahma Das; Abduljalil Sajid

Resources for Multi-Faith Prayer

Patrice Brodeur

Towards a History of the Youth Involvement in Interfaith Dialogue

Anne Calcagno

The Arts as Messengers: Imaginative Collaboration Toward Religious Tolerance

Stuart Chandler

Humanistic Buddhism as Practiced at Fo Guang Shan


The Heart of Our Values: Our Meeting Place

Gurudev Shree Chitrabhanuji

How to Make Life Significant

Jeon Chong-Yoon; Jin-soo Kim; Young-nam Kim; Hwee-Ok Jang; Sa-up Kim; Sun-ho Kim; Jae-chang Lee; Young-joo Kim; Sang-Hyum Kim; Ki-soo Kim; Jong-yul Park

The Korean Buddhist Ch'ont'ae Order and the Avalokitesvara Meditation

Phillip Christiansen

The Power of Unity: A Bahá'í Perspective

Raymond W. Ciacci

Four Religious Visionaries: Socrates, St. Augustine, Maimonides, and Gandhi.

Diane D’Souza; Bruce Gregersen

From Dialogue to Relationship: An Interfaith Women’s Journey

Brahma Das

World Tibet Day and the Interfaith Call: The Making of A Major Worldwide Annual Event

Sare Davutoglu

Recent Developments in Medicine: A Religious and Bio-ethical Perspective

Pratiba Daya; Paul Kershaw; Fatima Dike; Carol Taylor

Dear God

Rahul Deepankar, M.D.

Neo-Buddhism & Rising Activism for Human Rights in India

Homi Dhalla

Gathic Mysticism and Interfaith Harmony

Margaret M. Diener, O.P.

Partnership: A Development Methodology for Equity and Community Building North & South

Patricia M Doyle

Kriyayoga: The Sacred Practice for Evolving and Uniting Humanity

Farid Esack

Muslims Facing the New Millennium

Elizabeth Espersen

Thanks-Giving: Prism for the Millennium

James Farwell

Suffering Is Not the Enemy: How the Shared Wisdom of Buddhists and Christians Can Humanize Modernity

Jay Fienberg

The Basket of Tolerance: A Profound New Tool of Interreligious Appreciation, Understanding, and Dialogue

Agnes Finn

A Kaleidoscope of Christian Spirituality: A Dominican Feminist Theologian -– Catherine of Siena – and Her Relevance

for Us in 1999

Ryland Fisher

One City—Many Cultures

Selena Fox

Brigid: Celtic Goddess, Celtic Saint

Gaspar Garcia

The Original Exercises Taught By Daruma-Founder Of Zen Buddhism

Charles P. Gibbs; Sally M. Ackerly

The United Religions Initiative

Ram Giri

Sacred Psychology: A Tool to Enhance the Spirituality of All Faiths

Mitchell Gold ; Luciano Meira; Nina Lynn Meyerhof

The 1% Solution

Pregaluxmi (Pregs) Govender

Spirituality, Sexuality and World Transformation

Agnes Grasboeck; Magda Mncwabe; Gereon Custodis CPS

Mariannhill: 100 Years of Mission in KwaZulu Natal

Bruce Gregersen

Mending the World: An Ecumenical Vision for Healing and Reconciliation

Mongezi Guma; Ethel Mguli

A Kaleidoscope of Christian Spirituality: African Spirituality

Robert W. Gunn, Ph.D

Emptiness (Sunyata and Kenosis) and Depth Psychology in Interreligious Dialogue

Anders Hallengren

Subjugation, Serfdom, Slavery, and Swedenborg Thought

Sami Khalaf Hamarneh

Perspectives on Islamic Medicine in the Golden Age and Modern Times

Arife Ellen Hammerle

Unfolding the Essential Self

Balwant Singh Hansra

Foundations of Sikhism

John A. Harris

Are We Beyond the Limits to Growth?

E. Lynn Harris

Protestant Christian Mystic Spirituality in 20th Century America

Camille Helminski

The Fragrance of Friendship

David Hoffman

Where Judaism Differs

Raymond Holmes

Spiritual Foundations of the Twelve Step Recovery Programs

Cyril Andrew Hromník

The Roots of Indigenous Southern African Religions

Mae MacDonald Hunter

Getting in Touch with Your Higher Self: A New Educational Perspective

Asad Husain

Conflict Resolution: A Muslim Perspective

Jennifer R. Joe

Without Land, How Will the Spiritual Helpers Know Me?

Monty Jooste

Creativity in Christian Prayer – Imaginative Prayer Session

Pualani Kanaka ‘ole Kanahele

Hula: Sacred Dance and Music of Hawaii

Merve Safa Kavakci

Empowering Women in Muslim Society

Sardani Sahiba S.S. Kaur Khalsa

Raising the Spirit, Immune System Self-Care for a New Millennium

Irfan Ahmad Khan

Religion, Secularism, and God

Thaisia Marie Kolson, hmt

Inter-Faith Dialogue Through the Visual Arts

Nestor Kornblum; Michele Averard

Harmonic Encounters

Jayanti Kripalani

Rajayoga - Experiencing the Essence of Peace & God

Guru Krishna

Ramalinga Savamigal: The Relevance of his Mission in the New Millennium

P. Pratap Kumar

Religion and the Hindu Diaspora

Harbans Lal

Ecumenical Aspects of Guru Granth

Frederic E. Lamond

The Social Effects of Different Religions

Rhonda Larson

Rhonda Larson – Flutist

William C. Laufer

Using The Internet for Gathering & Connecting People

Dean Liprini

Pathways of the Sun

Clark Lobenstine

Empowering 14-18 Year-old Youth for Interreligious Leadership with Adults

Pat Locke

The Struggle to Retain Our Languages, Our Identities

Pat Locke; Fred Leader Charge; Herman Agoyo

Unraveling Harmony, the Dilemma for Economic Survival

Rajinder Singh Mago

300th Anniversary of the Creation of Khalsa (1699-1999)

Nana A. Makhanya

Truth and Tradition

Lesago Mannathoko

A Song to Bless Jesus

Elyiahu McLean

Spiritual Dialogue as a Pathway for Mid-East Peace

Perennial Wisdom and Emanuel Swedenborg—Session II

Fatima Meer

From Ummah to Ubuntu

J. Gordon Melton

Communicating with Each Other in a Multi-Religious World: The International Religions Directory Project

Msizi Garth Michelson

Religion Ahead: Relevance or Growing Irrelevance

Ronald H. Miller

Matthew for the Millennium

Pops Mohamed

A Long African Journey

Deborah Moldow ; Wayne Teasdale; Monica Willard

Building A Culture of Peace

Ben Mollov; Khalid O. Awad

Interreligious Dialogue as the Bed Rock for Israeli-Palestinian Reconciliation.

Sharon Drew Morgen

Spirituality in Business: Bringing Our Hearts Into the Workplace

Valerie Morris

Emissaries of Light: Who and What are We?

Mathole Motshekga

African Origins and Unity of Religious Thought

Craig B. Mousin; Mieke Holkeboer; Teree E. Foster

The Interfaith Family Mediation Program: Reconciliation in the Midst of Family Dissolution

Abdul Malik Mujahid

The Concept of Limited Human Responsibility in Islam

Thirumugam Murugan

A Veenai Recital

Thillayvel Naidoo

Inter-Faith Dialogue: A New Relevance

T. M. Nobula

Spirituality of African Initiated Churches

Albert Nolan

The Kairos Document: Faith and Politics in South Africa

Gomang Seratwa Ntloedibe-Kuswani

Ngaga Christ Paradigm

Sulayman Nyang; Saleha Mahmood Abedin; Ahmet Davutoglu

Religion and the New World Order

Anders Nyberg; Jennifer Ferguson

A Celebration of Global Song and Circle Dancing

A Global Body Arising from a Global Ethic?

Achahn Phangcham

Meditation for World Peace

Sarah Pletts

The Lighthouse of the Body: Moving Energy for Healing

President's Award Dance Company

Gum Boot Dancing

Burton Pretty On Top

Spiritual Journey of a Crow Indian

Gareth Prince

Rastafari: Growth through Resistance

Martin Prozesky

Religion and Ethics: A Millennial Audit

Rudy T. Pucel

Developing Interfaith Relationships Through Experiential Activities

Weishuang Qu

The Threshold 21: National Sustainable Development Model

Shohreh Rawhani

Spiritual and Moral Roles in the New Millenium - A Baha'i review

Rohinton M. Rivetna

United Religions 1993, 1999 and Beyond- A Progress Report and Formulation of Future Direction

Robert E. Roberts

From Prisons to Community: Our Interreligious Challenge

Gavin Robertson ; Phillip van Zyl

Wilderness Within – The Spirit of Wilderness

Beth Rocker ; Paul Kraus ; Colleen Rost

E Pluribus Unum Project

Willy Romelus

Religious and Spiritual Resources for Responding to Adversity

Herman Schaalman

Basic Ideas and Teachings of Judaism

Gabriel Setiloane

The African Religion

Margaret Dhanahan

The Cultural Unconscious and the Female Psyche: Religious Factors in the Liberation of the Female Self.

Arvind Sharma; Bawa Jain Preminder; Kusumita P Pederson; Nancy Martin; Joseph Runzo

Religious Leadership and Human Rights

Sadhvishri Shilapiji

Anekantvada - The Axis of Jainism: An Extraordinary Doctrine to Understand a Multiplicity of Views

Sadhvishri Shilapiji

The Power of Our Own Thoughts

Henry Shinn

Micro-Perspective of Inter-Religious Relations

Sidney Shipton

The Three Faiths Forum: Towards an Understanding between the Abrahamic Faiths

Norma Simon; Howard Dunbar

Healing Relationships

Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji

Entering the New Millennium with New Energy

Judy Sole

Custodianship of the Earth / 2000 Days to Save the Planet

Arthur Song

Confucianism and Ethnicity: A South African Perspective

Kenneth T. South

An Interfaith Approach to HIV/AIDS Ministry

McGlory Speckman; Puleng Lenka-Bula; Wesley Mabuza

Contextualisation of Theology

Arthur Stein

The Spiritual Roots of Nonviolence: Experiencing Peace Through Meditation

Jesse Strauss

Children of the Gariep

Heng Sure; Bhikshuni Heng Liang; Snjezana Akpinar; Martin Verhoeven; Bhikshuni Heng Chat; Bhikshuni Heng Tung

Walking the Way I: Five Aspects of Buddhist Practice

Dharma Master Hsin Tao; Eugene Imai; Maria Reis Habito; Roland R. Ropers, Ph.D.

Spiritual Challenges Facing the 2nd Millennium: The Museum of World Religions As a Response

Chatelaine Tayler

Unlock the Secret of Sustaining Human Lfe and Nature in South Africa

Wayne Teasdale; Huston Smith; Robert Jesse

The Mystic Heart

Jane Thompson; Selena Fox

Women and Witches in Cross-Cultural Discussion

Dympna Travers; Joseph Bell

Lectio Divina— Prayer of the Church

Maarten Turkstra

The Ways of Our Fathers

John Twobirds

Native American Culture and Spirituality

Kathy Uhler; Bawa Jain Preminder; Park Hee Soo; Leonard Marks; Georgene Wilson

A Way for Religion and Spirituality to Morph from Root Cause of War to Culture of Peace: The Hague Agenda for Peace and Justice for the 21st Century

Jeffrey H. Utter

Honoring the Great Soul: Gandhi's Relevance for the New Millennium

Peter van Alphen

Adolescence: The Most Vulnerable Time

Peter van Alphen

Healing and Empowering Adults in Poverty Situations

Louise Van Der Merwe

May the New Millennium be Kinder to All Beings

Wulfing von Rohr

Yearning for Love, Searching for Truth, and Finding the Light

Eric Garbe Vormanns

The Gift Within: Working with the Extraordinary Powers of Etheric Healing

Razeena Wagiet; Geoff Davies

World Wildlife Federation: Sacred Gifts for a Living Planet

Robert Walter

Calling from the Corners of the World: Dangers and Opportunities for Indigenous Spiritual Traditions

Charles R. White

Practicing Respectful Presence: A Reformed Christian Model for Interreligious Understanding and Cooperation

Shamila Wilson

Religion and Sexuality